Best Student Paper

First awarded in 2014, the Best Student Paper is an award given to an outstanding student paper that is not related to a dissertation.

2023 Best Student Paper 

Ryann Noe (Harvard U.)
"Moral Escalation: Contested Category Emergence and its Consequences in the Toy Industry"

Past Winners

2022 Reuben Hurst (U. of Michigan). "Combating Sociopolitical Stigma with Countervailing Claims: Evidence from Charlottesville."
2021 Ying Li (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)."The show must go on: The role of organizational values in art houses’ identity-violating transformation during COVID-19"
2020 Yusaku Takeda (Harvard Business School). "Enduring Effects of Nationalistic Ideology on Strategy Formation Process: The Case of Nippon Gakki 1938-1960."

2019 Eva-Maria Kirchberger (Imperial College Business School). "Authentic Adaptation as a way out? Response by de novo category pioneers to de alio entrants."

2018 Anjali Bhatt (Stanford Graduate School of Business). "Cultural Transmission and Variation in Organizational Populations: A Formal Model."

2017 Jian Bai Li (N. U. Singapore). "The Dark Side of Embeddedness: When Family Relationships Give Rise to Malfeasance"

2016 Daniel DellaPosta (Cornell University) and Minjae Kim (MIT). "The Fickle Crowd: Selective Differentiation in Cultural Markets"

2015 Tristan L. Botelho (MIT Sloan). “Here’s an Idea: Knowledge Sharing among Competitors to Build a Critical Mass” 

2014 Curtis Kwinyen Chan (Harvard University). “Task Segregation: A Mechanism for Work Inequality”