• OMT Podcast - Episode 1 of new season is here, in collaboration with Africa Tech Collective!

    The new season of OMT podcast episodes kicks off with a special episode that was recorded in collaboration with the Africa Tech Collective and co-hosted with Tim Weiss from Imperial College London. The guests, Nicolas Friederici and Marlen de la Chaux got PhDs from Oxford and Cambridge, respectively, and then decided to leave academia, but are still connected to research. They reflect on their journey and the reasons for their decisions, the differences between a job in academia vs industry, and on creating impact from the research they did and are still doing. Thus, this episode is all about bridging the gap between academic research and real-world impact!

    New episodes of the podcast will be published every 2 weeks, and will be in the usual format of introducing fascinating researchers, how they got to where they are, and their approach to research and the profession.

    You can find the podcast here or on any of your favourite podcast outlets:
    OMT Podcast

    To find out more about the Africa Tech Collective, please visit their website:
    africa tech research collective

    Tanja Ohlson and Sara Mahabadi