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AOM Symposium: Governance of Institutions: Logics and Orders as Phenomena (session 1462)

  • 1.  AOM Symposium: Governance of Institutions: Logics and Orders as Phenomena (session 1462)

    Posted 5 days ago

    In the face of multiple societal crises, ranging from the decline of professions to the clash of states, how can organizations govern and remake institutional orders? Please come and join us for a presenter symposium "Governance of Institutions: Logics and Orders as Phenomena"! On Monday August 8, 2:45PM–4:15PM PT @The Westin Seattle in Cascade I-A. 


    In this symposium (sponsored by OMT/STR/SIM), we gather five exciting presentations that explore the governance of institutions-their logics and orders. Together, they illuminate important, yet under-examined, questions: What governance mechanisms do organizations adopt to maintain different institutions? How does the governance of one institutional order reshape other institutions? How does the failed governance of one institutional order affect the stability of other institutions? Why do institutional carriers that are supposed to govern an institutional logic work against it? The papers cover diverse contexts, ranging from refugee crises in Jordan and anti-government protests in the Arab world to social innovation in the U.S. and cross-border professional work globally. 



    – John Almandoz (IESE Business School): "Cross-institutional Governance: Logics, Orders, and Society" 

    – Brooke Harrington (Dartmouth College): "The Crisis of Governance in the Professions and Its Impact on Other Institutional Logics" 

    – Shon Hiatt (University of Southern California): "Refugees at the Door: Institutional Logics and New Venture Performance in a Changing Emerging Market" 

    – Marya Besharov (University of Oxford): "Sustaining Values in Inter-Organizational Partnerships: The Case of Local Food Hubs" 

    – Daniel Erian Armanios (University of Oxford): "How Revolutions Detach Institutional Carriers from Governing Logics: Insights from the Arab Spring" 



    – Michael Lounsbury (University of Alberta) 


    We hope to see you there! 


    Milo Wang (ASU) & Shipeng Yan (HKU)